We’re back.

We’re back.

photo by Ryan Schierling / ryanschierling.com/  Tour was everything it should have been.

takin’ it to the streets

we will be in these places on these dates:05.30.2013 – Red Room – Boise, ID05.31.2013 – Burt’s Tiki Lounge – SLC, UT 06.01.2013 – Lion’s Lair – Denver, CO 06.02.2013 – Kirby’s – Wichita, KC 06.04.2013 – Mojo’s – Columbia MO 06.06.2013 – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL 06.07.2013 – Al’s Bar – Lexington, KY 06.08.2013 […]

we are all beautiful.

I’m not sure if we’ll ever play a better show.go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/496084327125616/

Dancing on the Valentine!!!

Gibraltar is gothtastically happy to be part of Dancing on the Valentine. We’ll be playing our 3 favorite songs by the Cure. i will not cry. well, maybe just a little bit. Stick around as Aaron will also be playing with Head Like A Kit as well as with Daniel G Harmann & the Trouble […]

Once more unto the breach…

Please join us at the High Dive on Jan 25th with our friends Black Nite Crash, Slow Bird and Here Come Dots (PDX). 

aren’t we all teachers in a summer band?

 Thank you Seattle Weekly. Gibraltar, Storms (12/8, self-released, soundcloud.com/gibraltartheband): I’m not sure of the circumstances around a mescaline-fueled gang bang between Neil Young and Crazy Horse andInterpol, but its offspring calls our fair city home. Gibraltar may look like a bunch of teachers in a summer band, but their edgy, twanged-up power pop is one of the best local debuts of the […]


The Comet – w/Crushed Out (formerly Boom Chick), Estocar, Blood Orange Paradise, Gibraltar (we’re first!) https://www.facebook.com/events/150905035048499/