Exploring the harmonic vision of bands like Television and Built To Spill, and using the sonic, gender, and emotional situations of Lou Reed’s “Transformer” as inspiration, founding member Aaron Starkey created Gibraltar to seek out what he didn’t know about himself and finding catharsis in the the search.

Along with Starkey, pianist Holly Houser, drummer Nick Biscardi, and bassist Gwen Stubbs complete a sound Influenced by rock’s most creative outbursts–70’s hard rock, 80’s punk/new wave, and 90’s alternative–Gibraltar makes a feel-good formula sound new again. Angular guitars buzz, Nicky Hopkins-like piano chimes, and yearning vocal melodies amp tension while encouraging anthemic sing-alongs. The sound is dark and moody, and laden with memorable hooks.

“Let’s Get Beautiful” -The forthcoming full-length, set to be released in March, 2017, finds the band returning to collaboration with Matt Bayles at the helm and Gibraltar fully exploring their sound, captured primarily with live tracking. “Our goal for this album,” says Houser “was a more spacious, stripped down sound that highlights a carefully crafted interplay between instruments and provides moments of tension and release.”

“…Seattle post-punk outfit [Gibraltar] has excelled at crafting driving, no-nonsense melodic rock songs that cut like knives. The band fully displays this aesthetic on “Cold,” the first single from its upcoming album, Let’s Get Beautiful.” – Seattle Met Magazine

“Power pop with a hammer and a brain.” -Seismic-Sound

“Their edgy, twanged-up power pop is one of the best local debuts of the year.” -Seattle Weekly

“…One of the better local EP’s I’ve come across recently. The new Gibraltar EP [Storms] is a mix of raw emotion, and heart felt energy.” -John Richards, KEXP

“Gibraltar’s shifting dynamics and penchant for emotive, post-punk precision fuels their roaring rock songs.”
-Jacob Webb, KEXP

“…a stadium power rock style that includes vibrant guitar leads and steel-your-attention-cymbal-crashes. They are rock incarnate.”
-Jake Uitti, The Monarch Review, KEXP

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