takin’ it to the streets

we will be in these places on these dates:05.30.2013 - Red Room - Boise, ID05.31.2013 - Burt's Tiki Lounge - SLC, UT 06.01.2013 - Lion's Lair - Denver, CO 06.02.2013 - Kirby's - Wichita, KC 06.04.2013 - Mojo's - Columbia MO 06.06.2013 - Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL 06.07.2013 - Al's Bar - Lexington, KY 06.08.2013 [...]

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Dancing on the Valentine!!!

Gibraltar is gothtastically happy to be part of Dancing on the Valentine.We'll be playing our 3 favorite songs by the Cure.i will not cry.well, maybe just a little bit.Stick around as Aaron will also be playing with Head Like A Kit as well as with Daniel G Harmann & the Trouble Starts.it'll be fantastic.

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aren’t we all teachers in a summer band?

 Thank you Seattle Weekly.Gibraltar, Storms (12/8, self-released, soundcloud.com/gibraltartheband): I'm not sure of the circumstances around a mescaline-fueled gang bang between Neil Young and Crazy Horse andInterpol, but its offspring calls our fair city home. Gibraltar may look like a bunch of teachers in a summer band, but their edgy, twanged-up power pop is one of the best local debuts of the year.(Sat., [...]

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The Comet - w/Crushed Out (formerly Boom Chick), Estocar, Blood Orange Paradise, Gibraltar (we're first!)https://www.facebook.com/events/150905035048499/

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