IDEAS – a video

IDEAS is from our new record, THE NEW CENTURY. We hope you enjoy it. Specials thanks to Daniel Thornton and Nesib CB Shamah of Creative Differences 

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WEST COAST PEOPLES!Come visit us...we'll be here:06/5 Hemlock Tavern ~ San Francisco, CA06/6 Lestat's ~ San Diego, CA06/7 Redwood Tavern ~ Los Angeles, CA06/8 District Tavern ~ Tucson, AZ6/10 Silverlake Lounge ~ Los Angeles, CA6/11 New Parish ~ Oakland, CA6/12 Tiny Tavern ~ Eugene, OR6/13 Dantes ~ Portland, OR6/14 High Dive ~ Seattle, WA

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Tour is coming

We're just about done confirming our west coast dates. so's looking amazing!you're amazing.also...checkout the new record!The New Century by Gibraltar

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we have a new hear it...go here: love you.

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